About HEFestivals

Home Education Festivals is a non profit organisation which runs home education events in the UK. Most notably they organise and run the Home Education Families’ Festival (HEFF) every summer and more recently the WinterHEFF event.

There is a volunteer based board of directors who oversee the organisation of the events and a large community of other volunteers who all help run the events.

Ian Anderson: Ian Anderson has 3 home educated children who are now adults. He worked on the crew at Hesfes for a number of years doing sound and other general duties. In 2016 he was between jobs and able to dedicate most of his time to preparing for the first HEFF. For HEFF 2017 his primary responsibilities are festival logistics, contracts, and sales administration. So he is responsible for making sure all the marquees, showers, toilets etc. are in place, so others can fill the festival with great content.

Chloe Newby: Hi, I’m Chloe Watson. Technically I’m no longer home educated, though adulthood hasn’t changed much in terms of my daily life. I was very involved in the home ed community throughout my teen years, and intend to stay that way since I’ll probably end up home educating my own children one day. When I’m not diving head first into organising festivals at the last minute, I’m usually studying maths, tutoring kids, or hunting down research papers online.

Edward Bowden: My name is Ed and I am a Computer Science Student and Technology Consultant. I was home educated for all of my secondary education and yearly home education festivals were a very important part of that. I want to see HEFF continue to grow and do it’s best to serve the home ed community.

Bramble: Hi I’m Bramble and I’m 16 years old and up until this year I had been home educated my whole life.
I was voted as the young persons representative for the organisation of HEFF, I am enthusiastic and hope to voice other people’s opinions  and suggestions in making HEFF great.
I am currently studying music at college but will be re-registering as home educated next year. I’m really excited for HEFF so thanks to all the team that made it happen. Peace out.

Caelan Rose

Michel Drescher

Ruadhan Gee: Hi, my name is Ruadhan! I am 21 and was home educated throughout my childhood(and some of my adulthood!) apart from a brief stint in secondary school. I have been a member of the crew since the beginning, now I’m taking the leap to put more of my skills to good use! I like to think I’m approachable and helpful and I hope you will find that too at the festival. I love to be around the wild energies of the communities at HEFF, nothing gives me more hope and love than seeing free range families enjoying themselves.