HEFF2023 Schedule

Welcome to the HEFF2023 schedule.

As usual the week is jam packed full with exciting workshops, interesting talks, live music and so much more. This page will be updated daily so always check here for the latest information.

We will also be displaying this page outside the site office and near the workshops hall. A list of amendments will also be written on a flipchart near the site office.

If you want to add the schedule to your Google Calendar App the link is https://hefestivals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/How-to-add-the-HEFF-schedule-to-your-Google-Calendar-App.pdf

***Please don’t paste the calendar link into your browser, it will not work properly and you won’t receive updates when the schedule changes.*** If you need instructions on how to add the link, please read the PDF guide. The guide was written for HEFF2022 but the link and the info are the same.

🟥 Boden Room | 🟧 Ingestre Suite | 🔵 Blue Zone | 🟡 Yellow Zone | 🟢 Green Zone | 🔴 Red Zone | 🟪 Social Area | 🟠 Sandylands | 🟩 Sports field | 🟤 Argyle | 🟣 Games Area A | 🟨 President’s Suite | 🟦 Bandstand | 🟫 Outside front of Bingley Hall | ⚫ Main Ring

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