Here’s what previous HEFF-goers have to say about our festival…

We LOVE HEFF because it’s a chance to be together for the week as a family, each doing our own thing and happily pursuing our own interests.

We’ve all built friendships with people we only see at HEFF and love seeing them year after year.

As a workshop leader, I love the community and support for what we all offer. We really really enjoy it and are so looking forward to getting back to it.

Daisy Dinwoodie

Workshop Leader

For us, it’s always a lovely warm buzz being at HEFF. We love the atmosphere that is brought about by so many wonderful people from all walks of life, sharing their skills and knowledge so freely and willingly.

I love the big hive of activity when the workshops happen. Everyone excited to be participating or sometimes just chilling with each other.

I love the evening entertainments too, even though by this time I am practically exhausted, but still want to be a part of it and not miss out on the fun.

Wendy Lee

Workshop Organiser

For us adults I really love the singing (just the best with Daisy!), cèilidh, yoga, mandala, and African dance workshops.

Also all the talks you can listen to are very informative & great for expanding your viewpoint. I especially love seeing older teens talk about their home ed experience.

Love the community feel and great chats around the fire with others at night are awesome.

Really looking forward to it and highly recommend HEFF! We love it!

Fiona Jansen


HEFF is a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to spend a week in a field with hundreds of other families who ‘get you’, understand Home Ed, and share common enthusiasm for learning outside the box.

Aliy Brown


We ended the festival with new skills and friends.
Ella’s felt like huge growth, as she tackled her long standing fear of being on the stage and acted and sang in front of a huge audience!
Hubby ended up helping with the teens drama and re-kindled a long lost love with drama.
Harrison made so many new friends around the country and played Magic and football all day long. He also made good money on his stall.
Both kids partied until 1am. Lizzie jumps on my head to wake up around 6am 😬
I was looking after a puppy. A bit tricky and I was more limited. But I still got to go listen to some conferences that boosted my love of home ed and made lots of new friends.


HEFF was an incredible week for me. As we entered the show ground we were instantly greeted with happy little faces, children speeding around the grounds on their bikes and trikes, dyed hair, faces that they had clearly painted themselves. They looked so happy and free, it was a really lovely welcome.

There were all kinds of generous, kind, inclusive people. One lady offered me a tea leaf reading which, combined with all the other stuff that happened that week, proved to be monumental in my life. It was a very powerful week and left me with so many wonderful moments, from the Ceilidh and yoga to the friendships that were built.

Jenny Warner


So much variety and so many workshops. My kids’ favourites – the tie dying, finger knitting, singing & dancing on stage for the HEFF show, whittling, all the making workshops, orchestra, drama, dog training, ukulele & of course selling at the HEFF market.

They love running around free and safe with friends old & new and exploring workshops that they want to do. We always see a shift in their growth after HEFF.

Fiona Jansen


I’ve been attending home education festivals for 8yrs and they are still a pivotal part of my year. Being in a group with our children as the focus creates opportunities for connection and learning for children and adults alike.

I have learnt African dance, Argentine tango, become a first aid coordinator, sung, crocheted and met home educated children of all ages and learnt from their journeys and experiences.

My children have made great friends and have been given opportunities to be part of the entertainment and been mentored by some amazing people. Thank you HEFF.

Julie Tant


Such a privilege to have been invited and have so many people embrace the teachings of Kundalini yoga. Not only was it an honour to teach yoga but also the amazing workshops there were for the kids. Every hour on the hour! My kids enjoyed; sports, play dough, yoga, gymnastics, art, puppet making…the list goes on! And to top it up, the community and company was just so beautiful. So much unity, understanding of parenthood, non judgement and love. 

The weather was perfect for camping and cooking out in nature, enjoying the stars at night…what a blissful experience. 
So grateful for how everything aligned for us to attend this wonderful festival. We hope to go every year.

Workshop Provider - yoga

I love seeing the younger ones take the lead with running a workshop or being our young resident DJ and MC. They are so inspiring for so many.

I love seeing how we all just do our own thing but together.

From our first HEFF I was amazed at how our older teens hang out on their own but are generally pretty sensible and responsible.

Wendy Lee


As a single parent family, it was a very special week for both of us. My son, who is usually on his own and desperate for friends, was suddenly embraced by various families and invited to their camp for food or films.

For me, with a lot of my own company for the week I was able to attend groups I could never normally go to and work on myself. There was a lovely singing group every morning, a chance to really connect with people and let go of some difficult feelings.

It was definitely worth it!

Jenny Warner


As a family we have made friends from all over the country and these friendships are so special.

As the boys have got older it has been lovely to have people facilitate their interests and for them to be given the chance to grow in responsibility. My eldest son for example has hosted the talent show for some time now.

So I would wholeheartedly recommend HEFF for the whole family!

Sarah Stagles


My kids were wild and free playing footy and reading Pokémon cards mostly. They met lots of new friends and joined in on so many workshops and activities. I sang each day, did African dance, had my tea leaves read, talked to some amazing people, spent time with friends old and new, did a motivational silent disco and much more! 
So nurturing to be around soooo many families who also hold the vision of their children having autonomy over their own life and learning paths. So inspiring to hear from many young adults who have lived this path. 
I went to a few talks whilst there about home Ed and realised what we’ve chose to do is revolutionary and to go against the current education system isn’t that easy at all. However I’m committed to it more than ever after this festival. I am seeing my boys grow up to be mega independent and to be able to think and learn for themselves without anyone else’s agenda.


We first attended HEFF in 2019 when we were thinking of home education for our children, so It was a great experience for the children now they are home educated and slightly older. There were so many amazingly wonderful workshops, all of which are included in your ticket price. We met some lovely people too.



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