There are lots of ways you can volunteer to be a part of what makes HEFF™ an amazing festival.

You can volunteer as crew, admin, workshop provider, conference speaker or even apply to be on the board.

HEFF wouldn’t happen without the dedication of our community. If you’d like to be a part of it, click on the buttons below to find out more.

Photo of large group of people wearing orange or green t-shirts featuring the HEFF slogan

Did you know you can get discounted tickets for your family as well as yourself when you volunteer at HEFF™?

All HEFF staff are volunteers and do not get paid. From board members to toilet cleaners, we all do it because we love our festival and we want to make it as awesome as possible for you all.

What volunteers do get is discounted tickets for themselves and their family members. This is an amazing way to access the festival if things are a bit tight right now.

An volunteer ticket for the week is £22 – a discount of £97 which is amazing. Volunteers who provide 16+ hours of their time can also get tickets for three immediate family members for £33 each.

That means a family of two adults and two kids (aged 5-17) can attend the festival for just £121 instead of £388. If you are volunteering as a workshop provider you can also get a discounted ticket for your assistant if you have one. 

All you have to do to get the discount is volunteer some of your time during the festival. This can be as a workshop provider, crew member, first aider or any of the other roles we advertise for.

We are happy to accept applications from people who haven’t been to HEFF before. As long as you’re prepared to get stuck in, we’d love to hear from you. You can apply to volunteer by following the relevant links above for the role you are interested in.

If you have any questions you can drop them on an email

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