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During the festival the HEFF crew are a vital part of ensuring the festival runs smoothly. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the run up to the festival. If you have admin skills we would love to hear from you.

Current opportunities

Group of people wearing yellow or green t-shirts featuring the HEFF logo. They are holding a large banner that reads "HEFF Home Educating Families' Festival".


We are looking for people to volunteer as crew members at HEFF2024. A range of people of different ages provides the best team able to cope with various situations. So parents are very welcome to apply. It might suit those whose children are old enough to manage on their own for a while or those who have additional care givers.

You will need to be over 16 and be happy to get stuck in with a variety of roles such as checking tickets on the gate, helping out in the front office, litter picking and cleaning toilets (sorry, but it has to be done if we don’t want a stinky festival). 

You may also be asked to act as a runner and be able to assist anywhere on site at short notice. Our workshops must have two adults at all times and so crew members can be asked to step in if need be. You would also be expected to help out with emergency situations such as lost children. Full briefing on these situations will be given. 

It’s an exciting role and many volunteers from past festivals have formed close friendships and shared memorable times together. It’s a great way for anyone who feels they might be getting a bit old for the event and not have much to do in the daytime, to give back to the community and make new friends.

The expectation is that crew are available for around 16 hours during the festival and present either for setup day, before noon the day before opening, or that they stay and help with the clear up on the final day until no longer needed, around 4pm. 

Crew get significantly discounted tickets for themselves and up to three immediate family member tickets. Anybody accepted for crew who has already paid will be eligible for a partial refund on their tickets.

First Aiders

Are you a qualified first aider?

We have a well established first aid team run by Julie, but with the festival growing each year, we are looking for more qualified first aiders to volunteer at HEFF.

You’d need to be over 18 and available throughout the week on a rota basis.

Ideally you’d be already qualified, but in some cases we may be able to help with training if needed.

If you’d like to apply to volunteer on the first aid team for HEFF 2024 the application is the same form as the crew application. Just make sure to select ‘first aid’ from the drop down list. 

First Aiders are entitled to the same discount tickets as crew.


Photo of a woman pulley a trolley of cleaning supplies while wearing an orange HEFF T-shirt with a yelloe hi-vis waistcoat and an umbrella hat on her head

The application process.

Complete the aplication form in as much detail as possible. If you have already booked tickets, please include your booking reference number in the appropriate box so we can process your refund.

Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email to let you know we received your application. The approval process is done manually, so you won’t receive an answer straight away. Please give it up to a week before contacting us about this as the people working through the applications do so in their own time and are volunteers just like you.

If your application is approved, you will receive another email with a booking link. This takes you to the main booking page. If you wish to book EHU, click on the map at the top of the page, then scroll down the list of tickets and you’ll find the crew and crew family member tickets at the bottom.

The email also contains a volunteer reference that you need to enter on the next page after choosing your tickets. This is so we can match up your application with your tickets. If you have already booked your tickets and included your booking reference when you applied, your refund will be processed shortly.

Once everything has been confirmed you won’t hear from us again until nearer the festival, but if you have any questions, please do get in touch by email.

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