Conference Talks

Conference talks at HEFF


The conference talks are all about home education. They are aimed at adults, but children are welcome to attend if interested and there are toys provided to keep little ones entertained.

They cover a variety of topics such as starting out in home ed, SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities), pedagogies like child-led learning, home ed politics, and exams/achievement. 

We also have a regular feature each year of the Young Person’s Panel where young adults who were home educated give a short talk and answer questions from the audience.

It has been referred to as an iconic part of the HEFF festival and is extremely popular with those new to Home Education as well as those more experienced families.

The talks are always interesting and informative and it’s a great way to start conversations with others.

To give an insight into the kind of topics covered, the talks for HEFF2022 were as follows:

      • The Primacy of Parents to Home Educate is Being Taken Away – Why? – Randall Hardy
      • The Primacy of Parents to Home Educate is Being Taken Away – How Can You Resist? – Randall Hardy
      • Heuristic Outcomes for Home Educated Children – Bekkie Graham
      • Moving From School-Defined Margins – Inclusion Through Home Education – Sarah Gillie
      • Panel: Home Ed Adults/Young People
      • Policy Based Evidence Making – The Basis For The Schools Bill – Alison Sauer
      • Newbie Session – Interactive workshop facilitated by Juliet English
      • Co-Creating an Education – Alice Khimasia
      • Becoming an Inspiring Leader of Your Family – Julia Black
      • Changing the Rhetoric around Home Education – Anita Kerwin-Nye

Talks for HEFF2023 will be published once confirmed. Keep up to date with the latest news on our social channels.

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