Only 24 tickets left…

9 Apr 2024 | News

As we get close to selling out, we wanted to share an important update regarding ticket availability.

With just 24 tickets left as of this morning (we had some bumper sales over the last few days), our festival is on the brink of selling out. This incredible response from our community has been overwhelming and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

We understand that many of you may be eager to secure your spot at HEFF2024 but may not be able to buy tickets right now and we want to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to book if more tickets become available. That’s why we’re introducing a waitlist for those who miss out on the last 24 tickets.

Tickets can become available if someone who has booked a regular ticket gets accepted as crew, a workshop provider or another volunteer role that means they change from a standard ticket to a volunteer ticket. We must stress that although this can happen, it’s not frequent and it’s not a guarantee that more tickets will become available.

Here’s how it will work once the last 24 tickets have gone:


1. **Waitlist sign up:** If tickets sell out before you’re able to purchase, you can sign up for our waitlist. The ‘book now’ button will change to a ‘join the waitlist’ button and you can enter your email address on the next page. Rest assured, signing up for the waitlist does not subscribe you to any marketing emails. You will only receive notifications related to ticket availability for HEFF2024.

2. **Ticket Availability Alerts:** If and when tickets become available due to changes in ticket types (such as crew or workshop providers transitioning to volunteer tickets), we’ll send out an email broadcast to everyone on the waitlist. This email will serve as a heads-up that tickets will go on sale approximately 24 hours later, giving everyone an equal opportunity to be ready when the tickets are made available.

3. **Timing:** The timing of ticket releases may vary, but we’ll aim to release tickets at 6pm UK time, ensuring that as many people as possible have a chance to access the tickets.

While we can’t guarantee that everyone on the waitlist will be able to purchase tickets, we want to provide this option for those who are still hoping to join us at HEFF2024. Please note that all tickets are on a first come, first served basis once they go on sale.

Additionally, we want to clarify that the waitlist is for festival tickets, not EHU (electric hookup). While it’s unlikely that EHU pitches will become available, we’ll make announcements on social media and/or via email if this happens.

Before signing up for the waitlist, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the information required for booking tickets. This will enable you to check out faster if you have the info ready. You can find all the details here – hefestivals.co.uk/book2024

If you’ve already booked your tickets feel free to share this email with your friends.

Don’t forget, if you miss out on tickets you can still come to the festival by volunteering as crew. We are currently looking for more general crew as well as some first aiders. Please see our website for more info on volunteering – hefestivals.co.uk/volunteer/

Thank you once again for your incredible support and enthusiasm for HEFF2024. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all soon.

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