Revised dog policy for 2024

1 Sep 2023 | News

Well behaved dogs on leads are allowed on site, in your tent or vehicle, but are not permitted to enter any of the buildings or the workshop halls.

This was discussed extensively at the HEFF 2023 Community Meeting and as a result we added three questions on the subject of dogs to the feedback form. The results were indicative that equal numbers of people would be adversely affected by having dogs in the workshop hall as would be affected by dogs not being allowed on site at all. 

We have to strike a balance and compromise that suits as many of our community members as possible. Unfortunately that means we are not able to cater for every situation, so please do ensure you are familiar with our dog policy before booking your tickets.

Were you negatively affected at HEFF 2023 by not being allowed to bring dogs into the workshop hall?

116 people answered this question.

🟥 97 people said no (83.6%)

🟦 19 people said yes (16.4%)

Would you be negatively affected if dogs were allowed into more indoor spaces in the future?

(This would not include the main building as the site has strict rules about this, but could include the workshop hall.)

116 people answered this question.

🟥 84 people said no (72.4%)

🟦 32 people said yes (27.6%)

We are considering making changes to our dog policy. What would be your preference? (Please note for the purpose of this survey service dogs are exempt from whatever policy we put in to place and non service dogs will never be permitted into the main building.)

118 people answered this question.

🟥 41 people said “Dogs allowed on site but NOT in any of the buildings” (34.6%)

🟦 2 people said “No dogs allowed on site” (1.7%)

🟧 43 people said “Dogs allowed on site and inside the workshop hall” (36.8%)

🟩 32 people said “I am unaffected by this policy”(27.4%)

If we add the people who voted for no dogs on site (2) to the number of people who voted for dogs on site, but not in the buildings (41) it equals 43. The number of people who voted for dogs to be allowed on site and in the workshop hall is also 43.

These statistics have helped us shape a policy that caters for as many people as possible.


HEFF Dog policy

Updated September 2023

  • Well behaved dogs are allowed on site, in your tent and in your vehicle
  • Dogs are not allowed inside any of the buildings or the workshop halls*
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times

If you need to accompany your child to a workshop, you will need to arrange for someone to take care of your dog while you are in the workshop hall.

Please be mindful if you bring your dog to HEFF that some members of our community are deeply afraid and nervous around dogs and some people have severe dog allergies.

Thank you for taking the time to read the update to our policy on dogs. We hope you understand we have done the best we can for as many people as possible.

*Working assistance dogs are exempt from this policy.

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