The HEFF Community and Friendship Scheme

1 Jul 2023 | News

This year we would love to reach out to as many home educating families as possible and let them know about our amazing festival and the community that makes it all happen.

We want to share our community with more people and we need you to help make it happen. There are a lot of home educators that might not know about HEFF and so we’ve introduced a new scheme where if you refer a new family and they book, they can save £25 and you can grab yourself a free T-shirt for introducing them. Woop Woop!

They can save £25 and you can grab yourself a free T-shirt for introducing them!

To qualify for the offer, the family being introduced must not have been to a HEFF festival before. To quantify, that means any of the five festivals that have been held under the name of HEFF (Home Educating Families’ Festival) in the years – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022. The family making the introduction must be attending this year’s festival, HEFF2023.

To apply for this offer simply share the event details with your friends and ask them to include your name in the box during checkout. If they could include your booking number as well, it would be really useful, but not essential. The deadline for booking is 26th July 10pm.

You can get a free T-shirt for each booking you refer, so make sure you ask people to include your name and booking number and you could potentially get free T-shirts for your whole family.

The new booking will get £25 refunded from their order once we’ve confirmed they meet the criteria. Please ask your friends to let you know if they book so that you can claim your T-shirt at the festival. You will need to come to the office on 17th August to let us know which size T-shirt you would like so we can reserve it for you. If you don’t let us know, we cannot guarantee there will be sufficient stock left and you may miss out.

Please read the full Terms & Conditions here.

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