Election of Directors of Home Education Festivals


From the beginning the people creating Heff have been committed to the festival being owned and run by the participants. That’s why we created the not-for-profit company Home Education Festivals to act as the festival promoter, rather than having one person doing that.

Home Education Festivals is currently run by a board of up to 7 directors who are elected for 3 year terms. This year we are asking for nominations for both a young person and an adult director.

Youth Director

There is one board position available which is reserved for a young person aged 16 or 17 at the date of the AGM. 16 is the legal minimum age for a director of a UK company. It is vital to the operation of the festival that young people are represented on the board to provide a younger perspective that is integral to the decisions being made.

So what does it mean to be a director of HEFF?

Like any other company the directors have a legal responsibility to ensure the company is run properly, has proper accounts, trades without getting into debt, and events comply with licencing, safety, child protection and other legislation.

The directors meet approximately every 2nd week throughout the year, via a conference call, to take decisions about policy and planning, and to oversee all the 100 or more volunteers who actually create each event. Directors are normally expected to take responsibility for one or more areas of planning according to their skills, and there is significant activity to be done between meetings. The existing board members have learnt on the job. Some of us had previous experience of running a business but none of us had run an event of significant scale before. We need people who are happy to work as part of a friendly team, take responsibility for their agreed areas of responsibility, be organized, and learn new skills as needed.

Do I get paid?

Directors are volunteers and not normally paid for their time, though they can claim expenses for some travel and other items paid for on behalf of the festival. Directors also generally get free admission to the festival and the same discounted family tickets as other crew.

How will the voting work?

As this year the AGM will again be held remotely over Zoom there will be a link provided in the chat to allow the attendees to cast a vote during a specified period at the AGM.

I’m interested, what do I do?

Send an email to info@hefestivals.co.uk with contact details, and one of the existing directors will be in touch to check you meet the legal criteria to be eligible, and answer any questions you may have. It would also be helpful if you could prepare up to 500 words that we can publish on this website together with a picture if you’re comfortable with that. This should tell people something about your background, and what you want to bring to the job. Director nominations will close on October 8th and the election will take place at the AGM on October 10th.

This isn’t for me but I’d like to help in other ways

It is absolutely NOT necessary to be a director to volunteer and help with the organization of events, and we’d encourage anyone who thinks they have useful skills to offer, who does not want to be a director, to get in touch by sending an email to info@hefestivals.co.uk



Brynn Hauxwell : My name is Brynn Hauxwell, I’m 16yrs old and I live on an island called Yell in Shetland. I have been home educated for the last 7 years and I continue to do so. I am also an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion, where I help to encourage people of all abilities to enjoy the great outdoors. My main achievement is raising over £20,000 for different charities, by completing crazy challenges in my wheelchair. Through this I have earned the Pride Of Scotland ‘Young fundraiser of the year 2021’ and also the Young Scot ‘Young Hero of 2021’ awards. My hobbies include getting outside, reading, video gaming, board games, card games (especially ‘Magic the Gathering), archery and I’m currently getting into wheelchair racing. 
I would like to join the HEFF board as a young director because I would like to represent and be a voice for the young people who attend HEFF. It would be great to get in touch with people to listen to their ideas, either in person at HEFF and also via social media leading towards the HEFF festival. By doing this I would like to be able to give input at the board meetings to potentially improve the experience at HEFF in multiple ways such as accessibility and to also help develop new ideas that teens and young adults might enjoy. 


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Garett Ross: I’d like to stand for the/an upcoming open director position. Some current board members know me, but for any AGM attendees who don’t: I’m a former EHE adult and I’ve run debating workshops at every summer HEFF so far. My professional background is in recruitment services so I’m pretty good at chasing up, going between, and generally making sure plans get executed. I see how much work it takes to run the festival and I want to make sure it keeps going long enough for me to have children and bring them along.