Election of Directors of Home Education Festivals


From the beginning the people creating Heff have been committed to the festival being owned and run by the participants. That’s why we created the not-for-profit company Home Education Festivals to act as the festival promoter, rather than having one person doing that.

Home Education Festivals is currently run by a board of up to 7 directors who are elected for 3 year terms. This year we are asking for nominations for an adult director.

Youth Director

There is one board position available which is reserved for a young person aged 16 or 17 at the date of the AGM. 16 is the legal minimum age for a director of a UK company. It is vital to the operation of the festival that young people are represented on the board to provide a younger perspective that is integral to the decisions being made. This year the position is already filled.

So what does it mean to be a director of HEFF?

Like any other company the directors have a legal responsibility to ensure the company is run properly, has proper accounts, trades without getting into debt, and events comply with licencing, safety, child protection and other legislation.

The directors meet approximately every 2nd week throughout the year, via a conference call, to take decisions about policy and planning, and to oversee all the 100 or more volunteers who actually create each event. Directors are normally expected to take responsibility for one or more areas of planning according to their skills, and there is significant activity to be done between meetings. The existing board members have learnt on the job. Some of us had previous experience of running a business but none of us had run an event of significant scale before. We need people who are happy to work as part of a friendly team, take responsibility for their agreed areas of responsibility, be organized, and learn new skills as needed.

Do I get paid?

Directors are volunteers and not normally paid for their time, though they can claim expenses for some travel and other items paid for on behalf of the festival. Directors also generally get free admission to the festival and the same discounted family tickets as other crew.

How will the voting work?

The AGM will be held at HEFF 2022. The ticketholders are members of the company and can all vote. Depending on how many candidates we have the vote may be done by a simple show of hands or by voting slips.

I’m interested, what do I do?

Send an email to info@hefestivals.co.uk with contact details, and one of the existing directors will be in touch to check you meet the legal criteria to be eligible, and answer any questions you may have. It would also be helpful if you could prepare up to 500 words that we can publish on this website together with a picture if you’re comfortable with that. This should tell people something about your background, and what you want to bring to the job. Director nominations will close on August 1st 2022 and the election will take place at the AGM during HEFF 2022.

This isn’t for me but I’d like to help in other ways

It is absolutely NOT necessary to be a director to volunteer and help with the organization of events, and we’d encourage anyone who thinks they have useful skills to offer, who does not want to be a director, to get in touch by sending an email to info@hefestivals.co.uk




Ally MacDonald

I’m Ally, I live in Dunblane, Central Scotland and I home educate my 11 year old and have
been involved in the Scottish home education community for 6 years now, organising groups
and events as well as providing advocacy for people when required.

I first attended HEFF in 2019 and attended the winter gathering in 2020. In 2019 I had
planned to come along and see what HEFF was all about and ended up delivering a craft
workshop. This year I applied to host some board games sessions and I have also ended
up helping with set up & pack up, hall decoration and safeguarding. I like to get involved and
help out where I can, so it was an easy ‘Yes’ when someone suggested I put myself forward
as a potential new board member.

I have a degree in Community Learning and Development and through my work I have
experience in organising national events for young people and in carrying out major
consultation and evaluation projects with young people. I have been involved in running the
children’s area at a commercial music festival for several years.

In 2019 I was involved in the formation of Home Education Scotland – Scotland’s national
home education charity. I am standing for election as a board member of HEFF as I’d like to
play a part in seeing the festival go from strength to strength and continue to grow. I have
skills that I know can help HEFF continue to grow and develop as a community and a

Chloe Newby

As a founding director of HEFF, I’m hoping to keep up the work I’ve been doing. Camps like HEFF were a huge part of my childhood, and as an adult I want to make sure the next generation can have the same kind of experience – long busy days, freedom to try new things, making new friends and meeting up with old.

Since having children of my own, most of my contribution to the board occurs outside the HEFF week. I focus on writing policy documents, analysing feedback, liaising with third parties, and other things I can schedule flexibly. During the week itself I try to give my children my attention, though in previous years I have also run tutu making and folk dancing workshops, and spoken at the conference.

In terms of personality, I bring optimism, ideas, and determination to keep HEFF going for the long term, so as many families as possible can enjoy the community we have here.


Edward Bowden

My name is Ed and I am a Technology Consultant during the day. I’ve been a director of HEFestivals for several years and my key role has been keeping the website, emails etc working. As with all of the directors I get involved with all aspects of organising the festival as well. I was home educated for all of my secondary education and yearly home education festivals were a very important part of that. I want to see HEFF continue to grow and do it’s best to serve the home ed community.

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Ian Anderson

I have 3 home educated children who are now adults in their 20s, and a 3 year old who we plan to Home Educate. I worked on the crew at Hesfes for a number of years doing sound and other general duties. In 2016 I was between jobs and able to dedicate most of my time for 3 months to preparing for the first HEFF, and have remained on the board throughout. For HEFF 2022 my primary responsibilities are festival logistics, contracts, and sales administration. I am responsible for making sure all the marquees, showers, toilets etc. are in place, and safe so others can fill the festival with great content.