Director Election Candidates 2018

Caelan Ayre-Lynch

My name is Caelan Ayre-Lynch, I’m 16 years old and have been Home Educated for just over 2 years. I’ve been studying performing arts in the time that I have been out of formal education. I am passionate about making people happy and creating an inclusive environment in whatever I’m doing. I believe it’s important to meet everyone’s needs and make everyone feel welcome. Whilst I have only been home ed for a short time, I can’t express how proud I am to be a part of this community, everyone is so supportive and kind. I hope that I can continue adding to this and creating an incredible festival, last year’s HEFF was the most amazing week I’ve ever had.
As for what I can bring to the board, I believe that I will be able to bring a new perspective to how we look at things; I’m a quick thinker and can answer queries and questions off the top of my head. I can also,look at situations, see problems and solve them. The most important thing for me is to make everyone feel heard, supported and safe. I am involved in various social circles which will be exceedingly helpful as I have access to a wide range of opinions and insight to some of the smaller problems that people may have. Evidently I will be speaking for some of the younger HEFF goers and as everyone knows that comes with many difficult topics, I will be hoping to discuss several of these issues and how we can make HEFF a fully inclusive festival. Keeping everyone feeling free to express themselves in any way they feel comfortable without hurting others. I have good people skills; this will make me a go to person to pass information between the board and the young people of the event.


Michel Drescher

Hi, my name is Michel Drescher, and I am standing again as a director for Home Education Festivals, the company backing the organisers of HEFF and WinderHEFF. I have been a founding member and director of HEFestivals and one of the “mad scientists” organising the first HEFF ever… In any case, I am standing with a specific goal and task as a director, and that is to keep an eye on the money, to make HEFF and all activities around it as financially sustainable as possible, so that we won’t run into any difficulties.

That doesn’t mean that I intend to morph into a financial controller who puts his thumb on everything fun; far from it!. I do want to ensure that we can have as much fun as possible with as much financial oversight as necessary. That is what I want to balance: Not exerting control, but reasonable financial viability instead.