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Coronavirus Update 3

Hi All,

It is with great regret that we have to announce that HEFF 2020 is postponed until August 2021 with the exact date and venue to be confirmed. We really appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve worked to get the best outcome. It is now clear that even if we were permitted to hold an event this year we could not ensure the social distancing needed to keep everyone safe.

We’re now expecting to be able to give you the choice of a 100% refund or to carry tickets forward to 2021. We will contact ticket holders in the next few weeks for them to make their choice. 

Please continue reading below for more details.

What has changed since the last update?

We always wanted to give everybody who chose it a 100% refund, but until very recently we did not think this was going to be possible. We simply didn’t have money in the bank to do so.

Government assistance for Small Businesses has been introduced in a very piecemeal way. As we are all volunteers and there are no salaries the furlough scheme did not help us. All companies which had premises liable for business rates got £10,000 grants, but again this did not apply to us.

Finally about 2 weeks ago the Government announced the Bounce Back Loan Scheme which will allow us to take out a loan of about £12,500 to cover the cost of making refunds and paying up-front costs for next year. Ticket prices will have to rise a little to make the loss back over future years. The terms of the loan are very generous and we should be in a position to pay back the majority of the loan within the interest free 12 month period. Beyond this there is a low 2.5% interest rate (roughly £30 a month if not paid off early). We hope that the entirety of the loan should be paid off within the next 2-3 years. Unlike most business loans no personal guarantees are required, so no individual becomes liable if there are difficulties repaying.

Our current bank is in the process of being approved to provide these loans. Once they are able to offer them we will make the application or if they are unable to be approved for any reason we will be able to apply from another provider. Unfortunately this does mean that we do not currently have a timeframe for this but will update the community as soon as we do.

If you wish to support the festival and can afford to do so please choose to roll your ticket over to next year. Remember if you get a refund and then buy a ticket for 2021 later it will cost more. We have added the caveat that the exact date and venue are to be confirmed to maximize our options. It is still our preference to hold the event starting 3rd August 2021 at Newark Showground and hope we may be able to negotiate a discount for this. 

For those of you who require refunds we will be working to get these to you as quickly as possible. We will contact everyone who made an order to ask your preference as soon as we’re able to. This will be by email and refunds will be done to the original payment card.

The HEFestivals Board